Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Preparing for village living

We’ve been keeping busy the last few weeks at POC. We have, of course, been learning more Tok Pisin (mostly by interactions with local people), but have also done a lot more.
Avigail exploring the world
carrying Avigail in a bilum, PNG style
 Over the course of our time at POC, we have had several opportunities to get together with a wasfemili (host family) and eat a meal. We have eaten meals both at POC and at their house, and have also had the opportunity to spend a night at their place. A great introduction to what it’s like to live in a village house! Last night was our last official get-together with them, but we’ll probably get together with them after our five weeks of village living as well, and share stories of what it was like.

waspapa shows us his garden
 Last week, Tim went on a three day group hike while Francine stayed back with Avigail. During this hike, we got to stay in two different villages and learn all about life there – all in Tok Pisin of course. It was great to enjoy a good time of camaraderie with our local guides on the trail as well. 

crossing a river
we came across this crab on the trail on a rainy day
On Friday we hope to leave for our five weeks of village living. We’ll be in a village called Waliyaksor up the north coast, about 60 km from Madang (and no, we won’t have electricity there, let alone Internet access). We are really looking forward to this time – especially now that we have some idea of what to expect in a Papua New Guinean village. We hope that being surrounded by Tok Pisin every day for over a month will boost our confidence in the language even more and enable us to express more and more. Please pray for good health, safety, and learning.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Importance of Sending Churches

I came across this quote the other day that really captures the beauty of the relationship between missionaries, their sending church, and those they seek to reach:

"How thankful we are for those who give, who pray and send so that those who have never heard the gospel and are not a part of the kingdom of God have an opportunity to join the body of Christ. One day we will all gather around the throne to worship the King of kings and Lord of lords: those who sent missionaries, the missionaries, and those who responded to the gospel message. We will all stand amazed at the grace of God in allowing us to come into His presence and spend eternity with Him. Only then will we see the full strategic influence of those who have prayed and sacrificially given so that the gospel could go to those who needed to hear it. With eternity in view, may churches continue to pray, give and send out missionaries; may missionaries be faithful to their call and the mandate of the church; and may the Saviour of the world be praised."

Taken from: "Expectations & Burnout: Women Surviving the Great Commission" (by Sue Eenigenburg & Robynn Bliss), p. 99.