Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The First Day of School

After many months of planning, today was opening day for Living Water Christian School. For well over a year, our church has been preparing for this day. We have had many school board meetings, countless discussions, dozens of teacher training workshops, and lots of running around. For the past few months, one of our church members, Grace, has been very busy as school administrator to get everything ready for today (she is now also the head teacher). Another lady, Jennifer, is now going to be helping her as an assistant teacher.

One of those many board meetings.

Today that work began to pay off as our first students walked in – some quite excited, others a little nervous.

We are beginning our school with one class: prep (kindergarten), but look forward to expanding to a full primary/elementary school in future years under God's blessing. We open our school to children from the congregation, but also from the wider community. For now, classes will be held in a sectioned-off part of our church building.

The classroom – full of children! 

As of yesterday, five students had enrolled. Today, fifteen more came to enroll. There may well be a few more tomorrow. Some people in the community are just starting to hear about the school, and already there is a lot of interest in it. People aren't too happy about the government schools in PNG, and are quite eager to send their children somewhere better.

Handing out enrollment forms.

This morning we had an opening assembly with singing, prayer, a devotion, and some introductions about the school.

Grace making some announcements.

Children, parents, and others at the opening assembly.

We thank God that things have gone well so far. Please pray that this school will be a real blessing to our church and to the surrounding community. Pray that our church and the community will really stand behind the school and support it. Pray for Grace and Jennifer as they take up their new roles as teachers. Pray for the children as well, that they may learn eagerly and be well-equipped for a life of service to the Lord.